Animals Adopted in 2019: 101 Dogs 28 Cats (Updated June 2019) - Company Message
On this page you will find a list of the dogs currently available for adoption.  Each profile includes information about the individual animal and the applicable fee. The adoption fee covers essential veterinary work required as part of responsible pet ownership and to end the cycle of breeding from un-desexed animals.
The adoption fee includes:
  • Desexing
  • Micro-chipping, and
  • First vaccination.

Many animals that come into our care require more than basic veterinary work, however we only ask a fee for the basics.

Applying to adopt


Contact us via our Contact Us page or email us at with the subject line:

"Dog Name - Breed"
Include a contact phone number and a little about the home you can offer.  Note our application process includes a yard and fencing check. Written landlord approval will be required if renting. We will not approve yards with unfenced or incorrectly fenced pools.

If your yard/fencing is approved, we then arrange a meet with your family and/or any other pets you may have.  Once all approved we offer a 2 week trial.

The adoption fee is payable on commencement of the trial.  Although we encourage people to let the dog settle in for at least a week, on the rare occasion that a dog is returned during this trial period, the adoption fee is refunded minus a $50 admin fee.

Our adoption contract includes a clause that if the dog needs re-homing at any time in it's life, we are to be contacted and the dog returned to us.

Every effort is made to keep this album up to date. As we are run solely by volunteers some of the dogs may have gone on trial, or there may still be the perfect pet for you yet to be uploaded.  Contact us and we can help you further.

~ Click on the thumbnails for a larger image and description of the dog ~

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