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The Adoption ProcessThank you for considering a beautiful rescue animal to become the newest member of your household.  

When receiving adoption applications for animals, our main focus is ensuring the needs of the animal are met and will suit the household that’s applying for adoption.
Ensuring the welfare of the animal is our number one priority and this means finding a forever home so that the animal will be able to live the rest of its life loved, healthy, happy and safe.
You may apply for a specific animal at the beginning of the process, but may find that others are recommended as our carers know the animal’s best and you may find an animal more suited to your lifestyle and environment. 
We pride ourselves on responsible re-homing practices, which means that every pet re-homed through SA Dog Rescue is de-sexed upon adoption (or shortly thereafter with a de-sexing contract if it cannot be done for any reason i.e. age, health etc). Prior to adoption the animal will also be micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated which is what the adoption fee is charged to cover. Although, many pets come into our care with major health problems, and we will always rally to raise funds to make sure they receive this medical attention. After adoption, ongoing vaccination, flea treatment and vet care costs will be responsibility of the adopter.
Our animals are vet checked and we make every effort to ensure they are in good health at the time of adoption, but can offer no guarantees as to their condition long term. 
We also offer a two-week trial for every dog adopted, which is offered as a valuable opportunity to allow the dog to settle in its new home, and especially important if the dog is joining a family with existing pets. It is recommended that a full veterinary check is done during this time. 
We perform yard checks for each prospective home, which is designed to ensure the yard is suitable, safe and secure for the type of dog being considered. The needs of both the prospective owner and the dog are discussed. 
We must be confident of potential adoptees intentions and that they have sufficient experience to care for an animal. We conduct yard checks for the purpose of ensuring the yard is secure and safe and suitable for the type of dog a potential adopter is interested in. If during the process of checking a prospective adopter's yard it is found not suitable (eg. insufficient or low/unstable fencing), we are happy to work with applicants to address the issues.
The adoption fee is paid prior to the trial and is fully refundable less a $100.00 Administration Fee if the trial is not a success for any reason.
Before adopting consider the following:
  • A pet is a long commitment. In some cases15-20 years... Have you really thought about it? 
  • Will the pet be left on its own all day? 
  • Do you have time to spend with your pet?
  • Will you have the patience to educate and train your pet?
  • Will you walk the dog even in bad weather?
  • Will you get annoyed when the pet steps into your house or car with dirty feet or covers your clothing or furniture with fur?
  • Can anyone take care of your pet when you go on  holidays or are ill?
  • Can you meet unexpected vet bills?
To enquire about adopting complete the "Cat or Dog Adoption Enquiry" Form by clicking >here< 
Why do we go to great lengths to find the right home?
We want to find the most loving and suitable forever homes for these gorgeous animals that we consider our own so that they may never be abandoned or mistreated again..
The kindness one does for an animal may not change the world... but it will change the world for that one animal.
Rehoming Your Pet

Our responsible re-homing practices include an application process and yard check, this is how we can help get your pet into the best possible home.
We understand that making the decision to surrender your pet must be a very hard thing to do, please be assured that we only ever home an animal when we are confident that it is a good match for the family and vice-versa.
What to do next…

  • Please provide us with good photos of your dog - taking the photos at face level rather than from above, so we can get a good idea of what the dog looks like.
  • Please let us know the breed, age, temperament and any known issues. It is very important for you to be honest with us, as we do not want to be responsible for a placement of the dog into the wrong home where children or other dogs could be at risk of being injured. If your dog does have issues with other dogs or people – you must tell us as much as you know – we can place dogs with issues but we need to be fully informed.
  • Please DO NOT advertise your dog to be given away or sold on Gumtree, in the paper or other places. We will withdraw your dog from advertisement immediately if we find your dog advertised elsewhere. The reason for this is that we will go to considerable effort to home your dog. Please also note that giveaway dogs are often taken for baiting or breeding – we are sure you do not want this to be the fate of your dog.
  • As soon as we can, we will send one of our volunteers around to your house to assess your dog. This is so that we know the dog and find it much easier to place into a new home once we have met it and seen it in real life.
  • Please keep in regular contact and give us all possible ways to contact you. We have a fortnightly adoption event which is ideal for your dog to be at (If approved to be on site by our re-homing coordinator - if it is vaccinated and socialised) as it gives the public a chance to meet the dog in person instead of just via photos. If you cannot transport your dog to these events, we have volunteers who can help. Please make your dog as available as possible.
  • When your dog is collected for placement – please note that it doesn’t always work out, particularly if the new family has another pet – if they don’t get along, your dog will be returned to you and we start the process again and go back through other applications to find another home for the dog. It is not an option for us to take your dog into foster care.
Please note…

  • A surrender fee of $100 may apply depending on your situation.
  • Re-homing takes time! Please give us time to do the right thing by your dog and get it into the right home. We endeavour to do this as quickly as we can. Good photos and good information is the key. (We do have a professional photographer who volunteers their time and can take photos most fortnights at Aberfoyle Park, we will need your cooperation in getting the dog there).
  • If you would like to go ahead and start the process of listing your dog with us for adoption, please submit the following form with all of the information you can provide and answer following questions.
Email your photos with the subject line "SURRENDER PHOTOS - DOG/S NAME" to:
To enquire to rehome/surrender a pet complete the "Surrender Questionnaire" Form by clicking >here<
We will not consider applications for rehoming without a photograph of the animal so it is important you send the photograph at the same time as lodging your application.

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