Animals Adopted in 2019: 221 Dogs 44 Cats (Updated October  2019 - Company Message
SA Dog Rescue is a registered not-for-profit organisation, supported by volunteers in South Australia, dedicated to saving pets from euthanasia, and finding them a new home where they can live the life they deserve.
When other humans let them down, we won’t turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved.

How We Operate

Animals come into our care in a number of ways; word of mouth, website or Facebook contact, from council pounds where animals are on 'death row'/‘kill list’ and facing imminent euthanasia, private surrenders for a range of reasons, including relationship breakdowns, moving home where the owner is unable or unwilling to take their pets and elderly people who are not permitted to take their canine companions into to a nursing home.
We are dedicated to caring for dogs abandoned by everyone else. Whether it's death row in a pound, a pet who's become too much to handle, or someone who just can't care for their pet.
Once we know of an animal, we assess its behaviour and health, we provide for its health and well-being and assess if behavourial treatment is required. We contact our foster carers for a suitable placement and once ready for rehoming we list the animal here on the Website and our Facebook Page, and begin the process of finding a suitable home.
The process of finding a pet a suitable home is taken very seriously.  Applicants go through an informal interview process and a home check** is done to ensure the environment is suitable to house a pet and that the pets needs will be met by the potential adopter.
**Checks are done by our volunteers, and the outcomes kept confidential
Our efforts are designed to ensure that the animals never need to know the feeling of abandonment and displacement they feel when they are moved from their existing environments.

Our Achievements

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2017 Year in Review
A year is a long time in animal rescue, and we have shed tears of joy and sorrow. We have saved hundreds of animals and this is a tribute to those dogs and cats who are now safe and in loving new home...

2017 was a huge year for all of the volunteers at SA Dog Rescue. We rescued and rehomed hundreds of dogs, cats and kittens.
We were able to do this thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the support of many supporters and businesses.
We wanted to share our memories and achievements of 2017 with you.


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And one of the best things you can do is simply share our page or the posts of our dogs and cats, as one of your friends, or a friend's friend, may have just the right home for one of our furry mates.

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